Touche pas à mon pote


The first French national anti-racism movement took root in the early 1980s – the movement and its marches inspired the formation of many groups, including SOS Racisme, an organization of NGOs working to fight discrimination, particularly in the areas of education and housing.

SOS Racisme, although avowedly apolitical, was supported by the socialist party, celebrating cultural diversity (le droit à la différence) and worked in direct opposition to the political aims of the Front National.

The group is one of the most active anti-racism and anti-discrimination organizations in France. It’s logo, a yellow hand raised in a stop signal, carries the slogan Touche pas à mon pote, (Hands off my friend, in English).

It’s a beautiful sign that goes beyond tolerance to advocate for a world that actively embraces multiculturalism and diversity. The world could use a lot more signs like this one.





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