Towards, not against

Goofball. My gentle-giant-evil-mastermind. She’s great on a leash, warms my feet at night, and is only the 2nd most flatulent co-worker I’ve ever had.

In the process of raising her to be an upstanding member of society, we had to consult a dog trainer people trainer. He came to our house and gave us a few pointers. I asked him how to change one specific behavior, and the guy laid out the most valuable life lesson I’ve ever received:

“What do you want it to look like? You can’t just work against something. You have to work toward something. You have to know what you want it to look like.”

That’s it – that’s it for everything! Marriage, parenting, career, friendships, fitness, health, and goddamned bathroom drawer organization. Everything. Eliminate negatives by creating positives.

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