Language Industry News

Slator reports that the number of employees in the US language industry has almost doubled since 2008, with the language service industry ranking in the top 15% in terms of job growth. Yet over this same time, as agencies proliferate and add more in-house positions, compensation (per individual, not total) in the language industry has fallen nearly 10%.

Isabella Massardo has compiled a list of “smart reads” on neural machine translation, a topic that has received a lot of press after Facebook published its findings using a modified convolutional neural network for machine translation.

Connections, an online magazine published “by, for, and about translation professionals” has published its first issue. Read it here.

DealerScope reports that the Consumer Technology Association has published a database of glossary of standardized terminology pertaining to self-driving vehicles “designed to enable a common lexicon […] and better explain […] the terms and concepts of this rapidly innovating sector.”

This is how I see myself engaging with the world in the future: writing glossaries for flying cars and our apron-smocked robot maids.


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