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Your time is valuable. 
You can always expect a quick response to an email or phone call.
Your deadlines are firm.
Every document is delivered on time or early.
You want input.
Preexisting glossaries and term lists are incorporated seamlessly.
You want consistency. 
Modern translation tools ensure that the term on page one is translated the same as when it appears on page one hundred.
You work hard.
You’ve put in your time and effort; you want your text to have the same impact in English as it does in French.

As a professional translator certified by the American Translators Association, I will make your English text sing as beautifully and read as clearly and concisely as you wrote it in French. You worked hard on your text; I work hard on your text in English.

No one can capture nuance like a native speaker. English is my mother tongue, and I hold a bachelor’s degree in French from DePaul University and a Certificate in Advanced Translation Studies from the University of Chicago.



I can help you with every step of the process.


Document Translation

I translate your French text into fluent English, allowing you to reach the broadest possible market for your products and services. Your marketing text will shine, and your quarterly reports will be as precise and as accurate as you wrote them in French.



I rework your existing English text to your specifications. From light touch-ups to serious rewriting of ideas, I mold and shape the text so that it reads as though it were written originally in English—as every good translation should.



I go over your text with a fine-toothed comb, catching everything from typos to grammar mistakes to inconsistent numbering on the third chart from the bottom on page 68.


Quality Control

When you need one last set of eyes to make sure that every number on every chart is the same in the translated version as the original, or that the font matches, or that the paragraph breaks happen in all the right places, I review the document to confirm that every aspect looks exactly like it’s supposed to.


Desktop Publishing

You expect your translated report to look exactly like the original, including all the charts and graphs. I guarantee the translated document is a perfect replica of the original for all documents created in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.


Audio Transcription

Your quarterly calls just got easier. My expert knowledge of French extends beyond the written word: I can transcribe your French audio into French text and English audio into English text, but I can also transcribe your French audio directly into English text. 

Need on-site assistance in the Chicago region?


Whether your text is highly sensitive and can only be handled in person, you need to evaluate a large number of documents in order to decide which ones to translate, or you simply need a translator on-site, I can come to your location anywhere in the Greater Midwest region. 


I can always count on Samantha Mowry to complete even the most complicated or lengthy projects within the requested time.
She has an excellent grasp of the French language and pays very good attention to details. I look forward to working with her again.
— Megan McNelis, Foundation for International Services
I’ve gone to Samantha for a number of translation projects and am consistently glad I did. Her translations are always on time, carefully done, and of superior quality. She is very easy to work with and shows a clear desire to provide the best possible translation for each project she takes on.
— Brian Taylor, Foundation for International Services
I hired Samantha for some editing work on a couple French > English transcription projects. She pays very specific attention to detail and makes sure that the finished project is clean, accurate and natural. I look forward to working with her on future projects!
— Shannon Curth, Multilingual Connections
Samantha is always quick to respond and does a great job of following our specific style and terminology. She is a highly reliable and quality translator whom we will gladly continue to work with!
— Lucas Eaton, Translation Department Coordinator, Foundation for International Services
Samantha is a skilled, enthusiastic and reliable translator. I would highly recommend her work.
— Cathleen Waters, New World Medium


Chicago, IL 60618
United States

Phone: +1 (773) 969-6853
Twitter: @SamTranslates
LinkedIn: Samantha Mowry

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